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SCANMAX Face Recognition Access Control Solution

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Security, Convenience, Customizable

Unlock a new era of security with Face Recognition Access Control. Say goodbye to keys, cards, and passwords and enjoy a secure, efficient, and convenient solution for all your access control needs. Our state-of-the-art technology accurately identifies and matches a person's face for maximum security and prevents unauthorized access. Customizable to fit your business needs. User-friendly and integrates with other security systems. Upgrade now and experience the future of access control.

CTID-National Health Code Supported

OS: Android 9.0

Storage: 2+16GB

  • Wal-mounted Type

  • Turnstile Type

  • Column Type

  • Showing QR Code on Phone

  • Facial Recognition (Optional)

  • Temperature Measure (Optional)

  • QR Code Verifying and Recording

  • Door Opening


It's Technology,it's Art.

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It's Technology,it's Art.