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It's Technology,it's Art.

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It's Technology,it's Art.

To protect people From Covid-19, Scanmax Launched TF88 Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for Initial Temperature Screening and Disinfection Treatment in Some Social Occasions,Such as Hotel, School, Banks and so on.

Thermometric Disinfection

Multi-scene Usage

1000ML Large Capacity Design

Adjustable Height
  • Gel

  • Spray

  • Foam

  • Temperature Test and Disinfection in one Motion

  • Liquid Outlet Quantity Adjustment (Level 1-9)

  • Impact-Resistance and Antibacterial With Stainless Steel

  •  Conversion of Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Light Indicator and Beep Warning for High Temperature


It's Technology,it's Art.

After-Sales Service

It's Technology,it's Art.