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QR Code Scanner for Hotel Door Lock

Jul. 01, 2019

With the development of new science and technology, QR code recognition technology in real life has been widely used. Recently, a five-star hotel using smart phones and QR code smart lock to replace the traditional keys and door locks in China. So the most convenient way to open the door was born, QR code scanner is embedded into the smart lock can be achieved to open the door by using your mobile phone.

When the residents want to go into the room, they can take out the phone to open the APP application software. The application can generate screen QR code. And then the barcode reader window of Smart Lock can read the screen bar codes from mobile phone, they can open the door. The community administrator said that the residential building has been modified last month. The QR code scanner smart door lock replace the traditional door lock device to achieve the key to open the door, made daily life more quick and easy.

Smart locks can be also used in hotel. Customers can select the hotel's room and online pay through the mobile APP. When you paid it successfully, the application will generate a screen QR code, the QR code represents the electronic key of the room in hotel. When the customers arrived at the hotel, just need to register ID card in the hotel's hall, and then they can go into their own room through opening the phone QR code to be read by 2D barcode scanner of smart lock without any room card and key.

This kind of shortcuts completely is self-service type. Booking, check-in and check-out, the whole process is very convenient. This innovation not only reduces the hotel labor costs, but also get more mobile customers.

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1. LV4200-PT QR Code Scanner - Can be embedded into Smart Lock for access control

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QR Code Scanner for Hotel Door Lock

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