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2020 China Import and Export Fair, RAKINDA is Waiting for You

Jun. 18, 2020

2020 China Import and Export Fair, RAKINDA is Waiting for You

Rakinda Technologies Co.,Ltd (The predecessor is Longview Tech Enterprise Co., Limited ) has been established since 2000, which has 6 branches in total, which are in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and HongKong. "Rakinda" and "SCANMAX" are our two independent brands. Rakinda is also a leading worldwide Internet of Things solution provider, which is specialized in 1D/2D barcode identification technology (Embedded/Fixed Mount/Handheld/Desktop Barcode Scanner, Android PDA, Mobile POS, etc.) ,face recognition with temperature measurement technology almost 20 years . We are oriented by customer demands , focus on development and innovation of intelligent systems and strive to provide most competitive IoT application solutions and services. Promoting people's lifestyle to be more intelligent is our infinite pursuit. 

Product Introduction:

1.All In One for Face Recognition and Temperature Measurement

We have thermal imaging based temperature measure and facial recognition device. It has wall mounting type, desktop type, turnstile type and column type to meet various application requirement. The device has mask detection function, access control function and also attendance machine function. They accuracy of temperature is ±0.5℃. 

F2 series is typical configuration with economical price. F3 coming with MTK board and 256*192 high resolution thermal imaging camera is higher level device. Its speed is faster and faces capacity upto 30,000 pcs. Because of the difference in product performance and the additional features, other models are derived:F5, F2-FHS and F3-M34-F.Customers can choose freely according to needs. 

2.Small Embedded Module for Face Recognition and Temperature Measurement

(1).The FT10 model is temperature measuring thermal imaging module,the FT20 model is thermal imaging+RGB five megapixels camera.

The FT20 model temperature measuring thermal imaging module is developed based on wafer chip scale packaging uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detector, fit for working with various intelligent platform. It boasts the features of high performance, low power consumption, small size and easy for development and integration. It meets the secondary development requirement of various infrared temperature measuring applications. 

FT20 Product Features:

*Small size, easy integrated,size :91mm (L)*48mm(W)*25mm(H); 

*USB interface,  easy to connect; 

*Low power consumption; 

*High image quality

*Accurate temperature measurement; 

*Standard data interface, supporting secondary development, easy to integrate, and supporting access to various intelligent processing platforms.

2020 China Import and Export Fair, RAKINDA is Waiting for You

(2).M5 face recognition module is new generation small size RGBD camera developed by Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. M5 combines 640×480 pixel TOF camera and 5 million pixel RGB camera. The small and thin structure makes it easy for various embedded type, handheld detection terminal application to realize facial recognition, face liveness detection, scene recognition and gestures recognition. We provide SDK. Users can make product integration and secondary development according to own requirement.

3.Barcode Scanner for Access Control

(1).LV30 has a interface is TTL232 and it weighs only 5 grams and fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipments and the small size such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.Low current draw of the devices allow the modules to be integrated with minimal mechanical modifications.The LV30 also features an industrial grade sensor with no moving parts to wear out and the product is carefully designed based on years of industry knowledge for easy integration into OEM devices.

(2).LV3000U PLUS is industrial level fixed mount barcode scanner.It has IR/light sensor dual trigger mode and excellent 1d/2d barcode reading performance.It not only has automatic exposure control,but also clear laser cross aiming light and IP68 protection rating.

(3).RD4500R qr code scanner has a interface is USB or RS232.It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.It has metal housing and it's industrial grade IP54.Its light source is LED white light. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile and Vending machine,very nice.

(4).RD006 is qr code scanner and IC card reader for access control


* Embedded multitasking real-time operating system, system can be fully activated with 3 seconds. 

*Single-door access control + 2d barcode scanner engine + the second generation IC card reader three in one card products. Make site installation and maintenance become simple with lower cost. 

*The product has Wiegand 26/ 34 output, when the product is used as a 2d code reader, which can make the traditional access control, ladder control, yard products, own the 2d barcode access function immediately without changing the main controller. And can access legally when it must comply with the rules of the 2d bar code so that the traditional access control, ladder control and yard products have a real CPU system security level at once and reduce system costs greatly.

2020 China Import and Export Fair, RAKINDA is Waiting for You

The China Import and Export Guangzhou Canton Fair was held online in June 2020.The professional technology fair and seminar. Attracts participants from multiple countries every year, and more than 300 brand companies participate in sponsorships and exhibitions. Over the past many years, he has been working to connect global cutting-edge technology with successful companies, so that IoT technology can be promoted and implemented globally. Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co.,Ltd. has been visited by customers at this exhibition, and its products have been loved by customers at home and abroad.

Guangzhou Canton Fair covers many industries affected by the Internet of Things, including manufacturing, automotive, supply chain and logistics, construction, finance, security, smart cities, energy and utilities. As a global IoT application solution provider, Rakinda takes the QR code scannner, face recognition, RFID radio frequency identification technology as the core, and brings smart home, smart campus and other solutions to the participants.

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2020 China Import and Export Fair, RAKINDA is Waiting for You