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Rakinda Appeared at the Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo

Jul. 29, 2020

Rakinda Appeared at the Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce 

The 5th Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo ended successfully On July 24-26th, 2020. Shenzhen Rakinda Group brought the latest temperature instruments TF88 which showed in Global Emergency Medical and Innovative Epidemic Prevention Supplies Trading Zone.In order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic,Rakinda Group had newly developed new model dispenser TF88 with non-contacting and rapidly temperature measuring together with hands sanitizer . it was warmly welcomed by  so many cross-border e-commerce vendors after exhibiing. 50pcs samples were sold out very quickly.

TF88 is a new model which was developed by Rakinda Group in order to replace the forehead thermometer. The purpose is to avoid cross-infection caused by contact between people during temperature measurement, and it can disinfect hands automatic at the same time.

There are following two types of TF88:

1)Wall-mounted type----infrared temperature measuring + automatic hands disinfecting 

2)Column type----infrared temperature measuring + automatic hands disinfecting + 304 stainless steel column

Expect this, Rakinda Group also develop several finished face recognitions together with thermal camera, with the function of temperature measuring and mask detecting, which include full algorithm, customer can use directly without develop software. Also several types:

1)Wall-mounted type---face recognition+infrared thermal camera

2)Gate Machine type---face recognition+infrared thermal camera+0.3m stand

3)Column type---face recognition+infrared thermal camera+1.2m column

Welcome to visit us, Rakinda Group will try best to fight with Covid-19 and contribute to the action of anti-epidemic all over the world!