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Face Temperature Measurement Provides Epidemic Prevention Means for Station

Apr. 19, 2021

With the end of the "May Day"l holiday, all parts of the country ushered in a small return peak, and the mobility of station personnel was increasing. In order to ensure that temperature detection, epidemic prevention registration and health code status are carried out in real time under the premise of controllable epidemic situation .The inspection work is to ensure the life, health and safety of each passenger. The relevant person in charge of a domestic long-distance bus terminal deployed an F3-FHS inclined column facial temperature measurement (with scanning health QR code and verification of the person's ID card). It uses high-tech means to strengthen the screening and management of persons with abnormal body temperature and suspected patients at passenger stations.

After the face recognition temperature measurement all-in-one machine is officially launched, it can realize automatic and accurate temperature measurement, face recognition attendance, mask recognition, human identification comparison, scan health code, temperature measurement data traceability and automatic early warning functions, greatly improving Work efficiency replaces close-range, contact-type temperature measurement, reduces the gathering of people caused by waiting in line, and effectively avoids the risk of epidemic spread caused by close contact and queuing gathering.

"Scan code successfully, green health code; body temperature 36.5℃, body temperature normal! Please pass."

"Scan code successfully, red health code; body temperature 38℃, abnormal body temperature! No traffic!"

As the "first line of defense" for epidemic prevention in public places, the F3-FHS face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine independently developed by Shenzhen SCANMAX (RAKINDA) has a highly efficient non-contact temperature screening function, high temperature measurement accuracy, and face recognition High rate, can quickly check the status of the health code and temperature information of passers-by, voice prompts the color of the health code, green code for traffic, yellow code for red code alarm, effectively improve the efficiency of traffic and personnel control, thereby avoiding crowding causes cross-infection; automatic generation of temperature measurement record information, avoiding manual operation, effectively improving the efficiency of checking temperature abnormalities in people and reducing missing information, doing a good job in pre-warning, in-event processing, and post-event tracking, which can be used in epidemic prevention and control Important role.

According to reports, the F3-FHS face temperature measurement all-in-one machine is exquisite and small in size. It can be used alone or in combination with access gates. The system has built-in attendance check-in and access control functions, which are easy to deploy in stations/airports, schools/enterprises/shopping malls. , Health care facilities, subway entrances, property office buildings and street communities and other crowded public areas, combined with Rakinda's intelligent body temperature warning system, is expected to exert the greatest value, strengthen the management and control of personnel flow, and provide important means for scientific and technological epidemic prevention.

Face Temperature Measurement Provides Epidemic Prevention Means for Station