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Metro Mobile Payment

Jul. 08, 2019

Subway is a very popular means of transportation, because its speed is very fast, high safety, no traffic jams. Mobile payment is now available at most of metro stations in China.  Mobile fare payment is the future of transit, giving customers the ability simply to tap their phone and go, all without stopping at a fare vending machine or using a separate card. Not only will this be a better, easier experience, but will cost less to operate.

China already has public transportation systems that offer the service of Alipay, which incorporates scanning QR codes from your phone on the ticket barriers. When leaving the station the two-dimensional code is swiped again which causes an automatic deduction of the fare.

This process solves the inconvenience of queuing for tickets, buying multiple tickets for differing journeys and the need to carry around a physical ticket without losing it. Passenger experience of public transport will therefore be improved, encouraging more people to ride and reducing road congestion.

Metro Mobile Payment

As on the metro, travelers can use Alipay to pay for their tickets by scanning a QR code. An embedded barcode scanner is essential for the metro. It can read QR code fast and accurately. RD4500r is the best choice for metro gate. Its best feature is reading screen code. 

It is reported that AliPay is currently accepted in some UK shops, restaurants and hotels. Alipay users will benefit from a more convenient and familiar in-store payments process - enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Mobile payment will be more and more popular all over the world, especially retail store, convenient store, self-service machine, supermarket and more. Its efficiency and convenience are unmatched by cash payments. In the mean time, a QR code reader is a vital tool of mobile payment. Rakinda has been extablished since 2000, we have 19 years export experience of scan engine. We have a rich product line of barcode scanner, including fixed, handheld, embedded, desktop etc.