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  • SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay

SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay Factory OEM ODM

SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay has good consistency, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and excellent multi-label read-write performance.
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√ Support EPCglobal C1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standard
√ Apply Impinj latest Moza R6 chip- set
√ FastID technology supporting fast Inventory
√ TagFoucus technology for easy reading
√ Advanced data integrity and error detection capabilities
√ Industry-leading memory write speed, up to 3000 units per minute
√ 96 bit EPC code
√ 48-bit Sequence ID Code Guarantees Uniqueness and Non-duplication
√ Own the industry's best reading and writing sensitivity and excellent anti-interference ability to achieve exceptional reading and writing reliability

SM-TF8013-C17 series UHF inlays adopt Impinj's latest Mozia R6 chip and support ISO18000-6C (EPCglobal C1G2) standard. They have good consistency, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and excellent multi-label read-write performance. They are suitable for logistics, storagemanagement, retail and otherfields. This series of electronic tags can be used in the frequency range of 860 MHz to 930 MHz. The tag chip contains automatic tuning mechanism (this function makes the performance of electronic tags more stable in common media environment), and has excellent environmental adaptability. The tag has high reading and writing efficiency, advanced data integrity and error detection capabilities. In addition, the tag contains anti-collision mechanism and self-restraint function of read tags. It performs better than common tags in multi-tag recognition applications. The electronic tag istested strictly in the design processto ensure that the product has good performance. In addition, advanced production technology is adopted in the manufacturing process, which minimizes the differencesbrought about byproduction.


SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay

SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay

Embed Size

SM-TF8013-C17 UHF InlaySM-TF8013-C17 UHF InlaySM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay
Dry InlayWet InlayTissue Inlay

Radiation Direction Picture

SM-TF8013-C17 UHF Inlay

Physical parameterDry embeddedWet embeddedTissue embedded
MaterialIC, PET and Aluminum foil antennaInlay, adhesive tape and glassineCoated paper, inlay, adhesive tape and glassine
Size41mm x 16mm45mm x 19mm45mm x 19mm
Package materialCorrugated box
Quantity5000pcs/roll, 4 rolls/carton5000pcs/roll, 8 rolls/carton5000pcs/roll, 8 rolls/carton
Environment parameter 
Limit working conditions-40℃ - +85℃ / 20% - 90%RH
Recommended working conditions-10℃ - +70℃ / 20% - 90%RH
Limit storage conditions-20℃ - +70℃ / 20% - 90%RH
Recommended storage conditions+25℃ ± 2 ℃ / 65%RH
Performance Parameter 
Working frequency band860-930MHz
Support standardEPCglobal C1 Gen2 and ISO18000-6C
Read distance0m - 5m (relative to configuration situation)
Write distance0m - 2m (relative to configuration situation)
Working modeReading and writing
Polarization modeLiner polarization
Conflict preventionSupport muti-tag reading
Data preservation50 years
Rewrite cycle100 thousand times