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  • M3 Face Recognition Camera Module
  • M3 Face Recognition Camera Module
  • M3 Face Recognition Camera Module
  • M3 Face Recognition Camera Module

M3 Face Recognition Camera Module

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Product Description

It is a derivative product belonging to the M3 series. It has a more compact size and lower power consumption. It uses a standardized appearance size and is responsible for a unified interface. Data transmission and power supply are mainly applicable to scene applications such as face recognition and gesture recognition, which is more convenient for users' system integration.

The product integrates a TOF depth camera of 640 × 480 pixels and a 5-megapixel RGB camera. The product provides a complete SDK, and users can perform device integration and secondary development according to their own needs.

Product Features:

1.Dynamic Face Detection

Tracking and Recognition Algorithms Based on 

2.Video Stream

Local Storage of 10,000 Supporting Devices

3.Personnel library

support screen display content configuration.

The Main Components Of The Product Hardware

⚫A TOF camera module;

⚫A VCSEL laser;

⚫One RGB camera module

⚫A dedicated ASIC processing chip;

⚫A control motherboard (including CPU, DDR, FLASH, etc.);

⚫A 6pin to USB + power interface cable (5V); 

Product Structure Size(Unit:mm) 

M3 Face Recognition Camera Module

Application Scenario

The RAKINDA M3 product can be widely used in various depth visual detection scenarios, mainly including: 



Somatosensory entertainment

Somatosensory games, bone extraction, 3D fitting, gesture recognition, etc.

Face Recognition

Face payment, face access control, witness integrated machine, etc.




3D interactive teaching, TOF learning Demo

M3 Face Recognition Camera ModuleM3 Face Recognition Camera ModuleM3 Face Recognition Camera ModuleM3 Face Recognition Camera ModuleM3 Face Recognition Camera Module






Resolution (horizontal x vertical) 


Field of view (horizontal and vertical)

80°× 60°

Frame Rate (fps)

Maximum 30





Resolution (horizontal x vertical)

Support 1080P/960P/720P/VGA


Field of view (horizontal and vertical)

74°× 56° @960PDefault

63°× 37° @1080P

74°× 42°@720P

74°× 56°@VGA

Frame Rate (fps)

Maximum 30fps @ 960P/720P/VGA

Maximum 15fps @ 1080P

Video Coding


Detection rangeunitm1 



Measurement accuracy2 



Measurement accuracy3 


Light source

850nm VCSEL

Data transmission interface

6Pin terminal interface to USB 2.0

Power supply

6Pin terminal interface to 5V DC power interface

Typical power consumptionW



Operating temperature


Operating system

Windows7 and aboveLinuxAndroid

Structure size (length × height × depth, single

Bit: mm)

85.5×23.5×18No steel sheet installed

96.3×23.5×18with mounting steel sheet) 

Note 1: Measurement distance: For the small whiteboard test with 90% reflectivity, the detection distance in the center area; the reflectivity has an influence on the measurement distance, accuracy and accuracy.

Note 2: Measurement accuracy: For 90% reflectance small white board test, the root mean square error of repeated tests in the center area.

Note 3: Measurement accuracy: For the small whiteboard test with 90% reflectance, the error between the measurement distance and the true distance.