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LV12 1D Barcode Scanner with Keyboard to Turnstile

Mar. 29, 2019

This customer is from Egypt, and he specialized in Access Control System. And he needs LV12 1D barcode scannerwith Keyboard to their turnstile.

And the reason they choose the interface of Keyboard is that he would turn keyboard into Weigand, and we still help him to find the board of turning Keyboard interface into Weigand.

LV12 1D Barcode Scanner with Keyboard to Turnstile

And his turnstile is hot selling on the market. And we still hope to develop the deep business relationship about the 2D barcode scanner for turnstile. Because, 2D qr code scanners becomes more and more hot, and LV4500 series bar code scanners are able to read e-ticket and paper-ticket. It is embedded in turnstile, kiosk, car-parking equipment and so on.

And any interest in bar code reader, please feel free to contact us. Rakinda is our brand.