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Smart Shelf Application in New Retail Solution

Jun. 03, 2019

As we all know, the increase in foreign trade exports in recent years has been urging the traditional warehouse management to be transformed and upgraded. The traditional shelves can no longer meet the existing efficient warehouse management requirements. Therefore, the emergence of smart shelves brings hope to this demand. The intelligent warehousing solution, with electronic tags, allows the warehouse to make full use of the space, saving labor costs and improving management efficiency.

Smart Shelf Application in New Retail Solution

The main features of our smart shelves are as follows:

- With face recognition mirror, the shelf looks stylish, strong sense of technology;

- ESL electronic price tag, one-click to modify the price, update the promotion information;

- Big data system, follow up customers' age, gender, products of interest, purchase records, etc., automatically analyze product sales, specify marketing plans;

- RFID technology, accurate reading of goods, automatic recommendation to play advertising video;

- Instead of manual shopping guide, open online and offline sales, save labor and promote sales;

We also equipped with UHF handheld device SM2910 for product shelf and inventory, intelligent every link, easy to understand inventory counting system interface, greatly improving warehouse management efficiency.

sm2910 uhf rfid reader

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