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Hot Face Recognition Technology from RAKINDA

Jun. 03, 2019

With the development of technology and the rapid innovation of the payment industry, China's leading mobile payment in the world is well known. In recent years, the issue of payment security has also occurred frequently. The technical application of face 3D in vivo detection is escorting payment security issues. Face recognition technology is rapidly coming to our lives and provides great convenience for our consumption.

Hot Face Recognition Technology from RAKINDA

face recognition device

Our face reader F5 has a very powerful and stable function. It can perform normal and fast recognition under strong light conditions without any influence. Binocular camera, speed detection and confirmation, and 3D rapid modeling Function, this demand in the field of three-dimensional warehouse, logistics inspection and so on is very hot.The recognition accuracy rate is over 99%, providing the best experience for the user; the recognition speed is fast, the basic feeling can be realized, and the business scenario is convenient and efficient, wherein: the living detection time is less than 200ms; the API capability is provided, and the flexible use according to the business requirement is provided. It can be re-developed and connected to the existing platform to easily implement AI upgrade; support offline version, user controllable, and information is more secure.

Hot Face Recognition Technology from RAKINDA

At present, we have completed the integration scheme of the face device and the channel gate, and the performance is very stable and the feedback is very good. Many government unit customers and overseas large-scale program customers have come to our company to visit the experience, which is very positive and appreciated for our technology.

Hot Face Recognition Technology from RAKINDA

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