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Scanmax Focus on Face Recognition Thermometer Solution

Dec. 11, 2020

I.Industry background

Body temperature screening, health QR codes and disinfection are effective prevention and control measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. One-on-one temperature checks and health QR codes are common as long lines form at entrances and exits of offices and schools. How to quickly complete the temperature screening to achieve safe management and avoid the risk of the spread of clustering virus caused by too slow work efficiency has become a key demand in the current process of enterprises returning to offices and schools. With the global COVID-19 bringing with it a sharp increase in imported risks, the current epidemic protection efforts still cannot be slackened!

At the same time, in some special places with identification requirements, such as schools, government agencies, public institutions, etc., contactless attendance punch card, temperature detection, health QR code inspection and access control system linkage has become the biggest demand of the current industry.

Scanmax Focus on Face Recognition Thermometer Solution

Ⅱ. Solutions

In order to combat the novel Coronavirus, RAKINDA introduced a systematic solution of intelligent infrared face recognition temperature measurement + health QR code verification + ID card verification to address the limitations and ineffectiveness of the current traditional artificial temperature measurement method. The all-in-one machine integrates the functions of facial temperature measurement, mask recognition, entrance guard attendance checking, ID card checking, on-site face collection, health QR code inspection, automatic sensing disinfectization spray, intelligent color-changing status reminder and intelligent voice reminder, blacklist alarm and living body detection, etc., which can realize the rapid temperature measurement in seconds.

The scheme integrates face recognition infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, which effectively solves the problem of real-time temperature detection in public places with high concentration and mobility of people in a non-contact manner. It can quickly complete the detection, the best detection distance is 0.3 to 1m, temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3℃, strong expansion, in the future can be used as a routine access control attendance terminal. The application program is applicable to schools, Banks, building property service centers, government agencies, hospitals, enterprises, ports of entry and exit, airports, wharves, stations, stadiums and other public places. The scheme composition is as follows:

1)Hardware: Integrated with the functions of face recognition, infrared temperature detection, mask recognition, ID comparison, health QR code inspection, automatic induction of disinfectant spray, attendance and access control;

2)Software: Combined with the infrared thermal imaging rapid temperature measurement screening system, based on the depth algorithm, the 1:n database has up to 30,000 face matching photos, which can accurately and quickly recognize faces (no need to remove masks). At the same time, the system can connect with the health QR code platform application interface across the country to realize the health QR code automatic verification function. By comparing the people of the faces, the system automatically analyze the health state of QR codes, If the health QR code (yellow/red yard) is abnormal, it will be automatically alarm and generate temperature attendance records, data statistical analysis and report (export), the first form large data of health QR codes, better able to assist the government to do a good job of epidemic prevention.

Visualization platform: RAKINDA's facial temperature visualization platform can provide data support for subsequent personnel information matching, historical temperature measurement records and follow-up investigation.

Scanmax Focus on Face Recognition Thermometer Solution

Ⅲ. Advantages of the scheme

Ø temperature measurement, abnormal temperature alarm;

Ø health QR code inspections, mobile phone display health QR code is then QR code reader reading, once health QR code exception alarm;

Ø entrance guard system of facial and body temperature measurement, control personnel in and out at the same time;

Ø clock in attendance, replacing the traditional fingerprint verification, reduce contact cross infection risk;

Ø automatic induction disinfectant spray, automatic temperature detection and automatic hand sanitizer at an organic whole, more convenient disinfection;

Ø checking staff did not wear masks and real-time alarm Report;

Ø real-time temperature data, data query can be performed in the background;

Ø real-name registration, the identity of visitors registration, facilitate management;

Ø alarm after confirm the blacklist, find out the intruder or missing;

Ø flexible deployment and applied widely. Support 4G, wifi, TCP/IP and other networking methods, optional column, wall-mounted, gate installation method.

Iv. Product recommendation

A)F2 series of face recognition temperature measurement products: can be matched with gate passage and access control, suitable for community, office building, school, government service hall, property service center, stadium, traffic center and other public service places.

B) F3 series of face temperature thermometer products: Compared with F2 series of devices, SCANMAX F3 series can better meet the needs of high-end users, such as large public places such as stations, docks, ports of entry and exit, and airports.

C) SCANMAX temperature measuring and disinfection station: TF88 standing temperature measuring and disinfection machine can quickly screen patients with fever and disinfect hands. The function is simple and practical, bilingual in Chinese and English for the operating system, which can meet the needs of most areas at home and abroad.

Scanmax Focus on Face Recognition Thermometer Solution