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Face Temperature Thermometer System Builds an Informationized Epidemic Prevention and Control System

Jan. 06, 2021

Gathering communities, campuses, medical care sites, property office buildings, government affairs centers, and overseas gateways and other application sites related to information-based epidemic prevention and control have spawned a series of differentiated and innovative needs for intelligent face temperature measurement and epidemic prevention products. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Shenzhen RAKINDA Internet of Things has been continuously researching, keeping up with the development of innovative applications of the face temperature measurement integrated machine, and constantly updating and iterating, hoping to find a good solution to make the face temperature thermometer more accurate and efficient, and the operation smoother, epidemic prevention much easier and more efficient, using science and technology to create a health and safety shield.


Thus, the F2-FHS/F3-FHS series of face temperature measurement all-in-one machines came into being. This face recognition all-in-one device with a built-in infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement module not only has high-value appearance and high-standard production technology, but also has powerful performance and complete functions. Face recognition and body temperature detection are completed simultaneously. At the same time, functional modules such as ID card/IC card reading, State-run health code 2d module can be selected, Used for docking with epidemic prevention health code platforms and identity verification across the country. The professional face temperature measurement equipment has outstanding advantages in interaction, face and body temperature information collection, performance and scalability. Its comprehensive application capabilities can provide you with diverse applications and practical solutions.

What is the ability of such an excellent face temperature measuring machine? Let's put it in the campus epidemic prevention scene and see its performance.


An epidemic prevention and control project in a university needs to use a batch of infrared long-distance temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machines to construct an informationized epidemic prevention and control system. Through the use of face recognition and infrared thermal imaging technology, the entrance and exit of campus gates and school cafeterias , Classrooms, dormitory buildings, libraries and other key entrances implement for all-weather non-contact accurate temperature measurement, access control attendance, visitor management, identity verification and health code identification verification, personnel information collecting, finally automatically generate teacher and student attendance + temperature detection records. Once abnormal behavior is found, device will automatically alarm, and the back-end cloud platform will analyze the personnel's identity, entry and exit time, body temperature and health code information, and effectively track the information of personnel with abnormal body temperature and health code, so that campus managers can comprehensively coordinate and control the school’s epidemic prevention and control work situation.

At present, this series of face temperature measurement all-in-one machines (column/wall-mounted/turnstilemodels) have been widely used in the front line of social anti-epidemic, and provide information for epidemic prevention work such as various industries and related government units, and provide information for scientific and technological epidemic prevention and data security.