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Face Infrared Thermometer Helps Hospitals Build COVID-19 Epidemic Tracing System

Nov. 20, 2020

People's hospital of Songyuan City, Jilin Province first launched intelligent temperature measurement and facial recognition machine at the entrance of the hospital, scanning national health QR code validation, abnormal temperature rapid screening and health codes of personnel, greatly improve the traffic efficiency, to ensure the hospital staff and visitors real-time detection, liquidity conditions are solved in epidemic prevention and control under normal medical staff manual temperature measurement problem such as low efficiency and very tired.


Use effect: The face recognition temperature measuring machine is used at the entrance of the hospital building for access control. It can identify each person's identity, health QR code status and body temperature through the Face Temperature Measurement + IC Card Verification + Health QR Code Recognition. Three verification methods can be used to identify each person's identity, health QR code status and body temperature information entering and entering the hospital building area. After the body temperature is normal and the system confirms that the QR code status is green, the safety code will be released. Otherwise, the system will automatically alarm, and the management with non-contact identification method and the identity information of each passer will be accessible and qualified. In this way, the efficiency of temperature measurement and epidemic prevention can be improved, the property and health safety of the staff in the hospital can be guaranteed, and the standardized, convenient and intelligent management and control of the passers can be realized.


The hospital in the project after many comparison and market research, finally chose a strong performance, higher ratio of F2-FHS face recognition system carrying health QR code reader. The F2-FHS and the National Health QR code platform connect the internal hospital staff and tourists, provide two sets of effective management solutions for attendance and access control, and establish a common city hospital with traceability system.