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Smart Hotel System Solution

Sep. 23, 2022

Smart Hotel System Solution

I don't know if you feel the same way. Staying in a comfortable hotel will make you happy. What is a comfortable hotel? Are the rooms clean and tidy? Is the sound insulation good? Are the curtains blackout? In fact, these should be the basic conditions of the hotel.

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With the progress of mankind and socio-economic development, which brought about the prosperity of tourism and business in the world, the hotel industry has also developed rapidly, becoming more luxurious and modern. As a result, smart hotels are quietly emerging.


Smart hotel means that the hotel has a whole set of intelligent systems to realize the digital information service technology of the hotel through digitalization and networking, with the application of hotel lighting control system and air conditioning control system.


Smart hotel is an evolving field. As a place to serve guests, hotels should not only give full consideration to privacy and personalization, but also to the comfort and convenience brought by high technology. At the same time, it is important to reduce costs, such as manual and paperless offices. Doyle has built a complete intelligent system that reflects the uncompromising humanistic care and personalized needs of smart hotels. So, what features does a smart hotel need to have? The following are:


1.Intelligent access control system:The tenants can automatically identify the floor of your room by swiping their faces in the elevator and press the button directly. They don't need to swipe their cards in the traditional way to get on. People sometimes forget their cards when they go out. When they arrive at the elevator, they have to let the hotel staff take care of it.

2. Smart power switch:We are all familiar with it, that is, plug in the card to get power, non-authorized card refuses to get power.

3. Computer network system: Most of the business people staying in the hotel will need to use the computer to deal with some work matters, such as sending and receiving emails, booking tickets online, using the office to complete their work, etc.

4. Display system: The system will be combined with the touch screen all-in-one machine to display in the hotel lobby. The content of the 26th exhibition is mainly divided into two categories, one is to show the hotel's corporate culture, development history, hotel services, etc. The other is to show the local characteristics, customs, special food, and query the surrounding traffic information.

5. Interactive system: that is, the room guests can communicate with the front desk without obstacles when they are in the room, such as sending a message to the front desk that the room needs towels, and the front desk will ask the staff to send them immediately after receiving them; you can also meet the needs of long stay and overtime in the room.

6. Information inquiry system:Tenants can inquire about the weather of their rooms, flight dynamics, surrounding road conditions and other information.

7. Hotel internal management system:One-click inquiry for staff entry, exit, attendance, welfare, salary, performance, etc. Set up risk rules for employee behavior data and business data in advance, the system automatically finds and pushes targeted, so that data will speak, data automatically found and timely reminded.

Taking a diversified view of Doyle's smart hotel solution, it can not only bring the value of hardware upgrade to the hotel, but also optimize the internal operation and marketing management of the hotel. At the same time, the visitor experience will be enhanced at a level that visitors can perceive. Innovative technology tools help hotels to better enrich user profiles and push the right services to the right users at the right time.