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Face Recognition Technology Application for Campus Safety

Oct. 24, 2022

Face recognition technology is gradually being widely used to close security loopholes and enhance intelligent management. The application of face recognition technology in the field of campus security is mainly focused on campus entrances and exits, crowded areas, student safety, campus bullying and teaching order. A dynamic facial monitoring and early warning system monitoring the main entrances and exits of the campus enables risk assessment of strangers and outsiders as well as non-white list risk warnings, effectively improving the security of school access management.

Face Recognition Technology Application for Campus Safety

Face recognition can not only ensure campus security more effectively, but also "handily" solve some minor problems that have plagued schools for years. "The use of face recognition terminals to verify the identity of candidates and examiners can prevent the phenomenon of substitution; students who have lost their examination credentials can enter the examination hall by directly recognizing their identity through face recognition.

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