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What is face recognition system?

Nov. 28, 2022

Face recognition system is an emerging biometric technology with face recognition technology as the core, which is a highly sophisticated technology in the field of international science and technology today.

I. Technical introduction

Face recognition technology is based on the human face characteristics, the input face image or video stream. Firstly, it determines whether there is a human face, and if there is a human face, it further gives the position, size and location information of each major facial organ of each face. In a broad sense, face recognition actually includes a series of related technologies for building face recognition system, including face image acquisition, face positioning, face recognition pre-processing, identity confirmation and identity finding, etc.; while in a narrow sense, face recognition specifically refers to the technology or system for identity confirmation or identity finding through faces.

The biometric features studied by biometric recognition technology include face, fingerprint, palm print, iris, retina, voice (voice), body shape, personal habits (such as the strength and frequency of keyboard tapping, signature), etc. The corresponding recognition technologies are face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm print recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, voice recognition (voice recognition can be used for identity recognition and also for voice content recognition, only the former belongs to biometric recognition technology), body shape recognition, keyboard tapping recognition, signature recognition, etc.

What is face recognition system?