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Manufacturers of face recognition gates in China

Oct. 24, 2022

China's face recognition algorithms are leading the world. China's face recognition technology does have a more superior level of leadership at the technical level. Moreover, in the global face recognition technology level competition, China's face recognition technology can be as high as 99% recognition rate, which is ahead of other countries. This has also been affirmed by the research technology institute of the relevant industrial standard in the United States. Thus, it can be seen that China really has a leading level in the world in this aspect of face recognition technology. Then you know what is face recognition gate machine? What are the manufacturers of face recognition gates? 

What is face recognition gate machine?

Face recognition gates are composed of two parts: the face recognition gate head and the gate machine. The difference between face recognition gates and stand-alone gates is that, in addition to the card and QR code to open the door, you can also do face recognition (brush face) to open the door, not only to improve the in and out experience, but also to improve the security intensity.

Set face recognition terminal, traditional gate machine, system software in one, widely used in the airport station entrances and exits, border check entrances and exits, intelligent buildings, safe neighborhoods, financial outlets, construction sites, venues, examination venues, scenic spots. In short, to strictly control the entry and exit of people have a place in the scene.

For example: most scenic spots now basically use face recognition gates, which only need to brush face + ID card to pass quickly.


According to different scenes and functional needs, support a variety of verification modes. At present, face recognition gate machine verification methods are brush face, brush card + face, intelligent (face / brush card + face switch), fingerprint + face, brush card + fingerprint + face and other verification methods.


What are the brands of face recognition gate machine manufacturers?

Speaking of face recognition gates? Many friends will think of which companies, with the rapid development of face technology in the past two or three years, especially last year, many face recognition companies have withdrawn from our sight. Here we have listed some brands of face recognition gate manufacturers. Scanmax, Rakinda, ZKTeco, etc.


The rapid expansion of China's face recognition industry is a factor in the rapid development of face recognition technology in China. The rise of artificial intelligence has brought opportunities for the rapid development of face recognition technology. It gives people an intelligent experience and a more convenient way of life.