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Application of QR Code Reader Embedded with Barrier Gate in Smart Tourism

Mar. 29, 2019

As a pilot city for smart tourism, we need to accelerate the development of smart tourism cities, actively promote integrated electronic solutions based on QR codes to enhance the high-tech content of tourist attractions.

2D barcode intelligent travel marketing overall solution, provides multiple electronic ticket distribution channels for the scenic spot, electronic ticket verification, self-service extraction and electronic and software systems in the scenic area, including QR code self-guided navigation system and mobile phone electronic purchase ticket system, electronic ticket checking system, electronic self-service ticketing system and electronic consumption system, as well as mobile e-commerce system, fully meeting the needs of "smart scenic spots" and make tourism truly "smart tourism".

Scenic electronic ticketing system, visitors can purchase e-tickets directly on the mobile phone through App, portals, third-party marketing channels, etc. to obtain the 2d QR code purchase voucher, which can go to the scenic spot for self-service ticket collection and verification clearance.

The electronic ticket checking system includes electronic gates and POS machine tickets. The electronic gate machine can help the scenic spot to realize the electronic ticket scanning and enter the park, and supports multiple verification methods. The wireless POS machine service terminal can be applied to the 2d code desktop reading of the electronic ticket. These two self-service ticket inspection equipments save a lot of manpower investment for the scenic spot, standardize management, greatly speed up the admission of tourists, and solve the problem of tourists entering the park during the peak period of the scenic spot.

Rakinda, a leading manufacturer of the barcode reader in China for 18 years, can offer you the desktop barcode reader, 2d QR code reader that can be built into the barrier gate to read the printed code or phone screen code quickly even if in low brightness. And they are well experienced in the field of IOT, supplying all kinds of customers like whole solution provider, turnstile and kiosk factory, government metro ticket machine etc.

Application of QR Code Reader Embedded with Barrier Gate in Smart Tourism