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Hotel Management is Smart, QR Code Access Control is Indispensable

Mar. 29, 2019

Under the construction of smart cities, all walks of life are moving in the direction of intelligence. Nowadays, many high-end hotels are clsoe to that, aiming to create a scientific "smart hotel" and bring new wisdom experience to customers. In the process of transforming "smart hotel", the role of 2d barcode access control devices should not be underestimated.

The drawbacks of traditional hotel management are highlighted, the transformation and upgrading are imminent

The membership card of the traditional hotel is generally card-based. The process of issuing cards, making cards, and recycling cards is quite cumbersome and costly. For members, this kind of membership card is not only very inconvenient to carry, but not attention which will result in the loss and damage of the membership card, affecting the user experience of the member.

Secondly, the reservation service of the traditional hotel can only be reserved by telephone. The form is relatively simple, and the telephone reservation is not convenient. When the hotel in the peak period of the reservation, there may be troubles in the busy line and the inability to make an appointment, which will give the customer an impression of poor booking service experience.


2D QR barcode access control device make "Smart Hotel" popular

In the management of smart hotel members equipped with 2d barcode reader access control, for long-term members, you can use mobile phone APP or WeChat public number to realize functions such as mobile phone scanning code opening, online booking service, receiving service information, etc. Temporary members can use SMS or WeChat to receive a temporary QR code to pass into the hotel. At the same time, the management platform can perform corresponding classification and management of the opening characteristics of the members. When there are new members or members cancellation account, the platform can add, pause, and delete the opening rights in real time. Besides, opening door data can also be uploaded and queried immediately. Hotel operators can analyze the members' open records and grasp the behaviors of members' consumption habits, so as to develop a targeted marketing strategy, effectively reduce marketing costs, further improve the hotel service level, and thus achieve the purpose of improving economic efficiency.

Building a smart city has become an irreversible trend in the world nowadays. The intelligentization, smart buildings, smart tourism and other services has become an important part of smart cities of smart communities. Increasing industries are focusing on smart products and intelligent service providers. In the future, with the in-depth development of smart cities, intelligence will become the development direction of more industries, and the application scope of smart access control will become more and more extensive.

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Hotel Management is Smart, QR Code Access Control is Indispensable