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Benefits of Using Face Temperature Measurement Terminal in Nanyang Hospital

Jun. 18, 2020

Due to the epidemic of COVD-19, many public institutions such as hospitals have begun to install face recognition temperature measurement equipment to quickly measure the temperature of people entering and leaving the hospital, and at the same time confirm the identity of the people entering the hospital, respectively for doctors, patients, The patient's family members keep records. Through the practical case of Rakinda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. in the Second People's Hospital of Nanyang City, the application of the face recognition temperature measurement system in the hospital can have the following benefits:

1. Real-name records of entry and exit personnel information to facilitate traceability

The face recognition temperature measurement system can record the information of incoming and outgoing personnel in real name, and support the front-line prevention and control screening and isolation management. The face recognition system can record the personnel records of key departments in and out of the hospital, as well as data analysis, statistical analysis of patients with abnormal body temperature, and upload the data in real time to provide effective data support for disease prevention and control.

2. the control of outsiders to prevent random access control risks

To control the spread of disease, it is necessary to do a good job of personnel control, and preventing outsiders from entering and leaving is an effective method to control the spread of disease, so it is necessary to minimize the flow of personnel. Hospital departments can use a face recognition temperature measurement access control system. Only hospital staff can enter and exit, and the identification is accurate. At the same time, the body temperature information is recorded to prevent the spread of disease to the greatest extent.

3. Register visitors to reduce the risk of personnel being exposed to infection.

Visitors come to the hospital for traditional visitor registration, which requires manual registration of the visitor's identity. The work process is cumbersome, and there is a risk of exposure to cross-infection during special periods. Using the hospital's face recognition system, visitors can be managed. Visitors submit online visits and personal information. When visiting, they can use the face recognition temperature measurement device to swipe in and out, and detect body temperature. Effectively reduce personnel contact and reduce the risk of cross infection.

Benefits of Using Face Temperature Measurement Terminal in Nanyang Hospital

The face recognition temperature measurement system can confirm the identity of personnel, control the entry and exit of personnel, and manage visitors. During special periods, body temperature can also be monitored, and face brushing data can be recorded to facilitate management personnel to track abnormal conditions.