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Analysis of Face Recognition Thermometer Scheme: Product Principle

Sep. 05, 2020

Recently, the face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine is very hot in the market. In special times, when entering and leaving public places such as schools, enterprises, communities, and stations, temperature measurement has become a "project" that everyone needs to experience. Therefore, the face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine that can achieve high-efficiency temperature measurement in non-contact conditions has received strong attention from the global market, so I want to introduce the principle of face recognition temperature measurement.

Analysis of Face Recognition Thermometer Scheme: Product Principle

Product principle: accurate face lock, infrared remote temperature measurement

  Traditional hand-held temperature measurement equipment has low detection efficiency and requires direct contact between the target and the device. There are problems such as the risk of cross-infection. In contrast, the temperature measurement integrated machine based on face recognition and infrared thermal imaging technology has the following advantages:

  1. Low cost of use: It is a high-cost automatic temperature measurement product without human operation. Compared with similar products such as infrared security doors and other common products in the industry, it has lower cost, better price and easy installation;

  2. Rich functions: It can replace ordinary attendance machines and access control machines. In addition to infrared non-contact temperature measurement, it also has attendance management and authority access functions;

  3. Convenient integration: It can be directly installed on the existing access control and barriers, which is convenient to use and does not need to replace large equipment.

Specifically, the temperature measurement function of the temperature measurement integrated machine is based on "infrared thermal imaging technology" to measure the target temperature: objects higher than absolute zero (minus 273 degrees Celsius) will emit "thermal infrared rays", which are captured by a specific detector. It can be transformed into infrared thermal imaging visible to the naked eye.

   Compared with other temperature measurement methods, the advantage of thermal infrared temperature measurement is that it is intuitive enough, no contact is required, and the detection distance is relatively long. It can quickly screen people with abnormal body temperature in crowded places.

Analysis of Face Recognition Thermometer Scheme: Product Principle

   However, the infrared temperature measurement technology used alone also has shortcomings: in the thermal infrared imaging map, objects of the same temperature are classified into one category. In other words, if 37.3℃ is used as the warning line, if the target body temperature is normal, but holding warm water higher than 37.3℃, it will still be alarmed by the traditional infrared temperature measurement integrated machine.

  In response to this situation, it is necessary to introduce face recognition technology to accurately "segment" the temperature measurement target from the surrounding environment. Based on face recognition technology, not only can the face be accurately locked, but also multiple functions such as access control, attendance, and visitor management can be realized at the same time.