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1200 Toll Lanes Support Scan QR Code in WeChat Pay in Jiangxi Province

Mar. 29, 2019

On October 11th, Jiangxi Expressway Network Center cooperate with WeChat to launch the WeChat payment scanning code payment function of Jiangxi Expressway toll station officially. At present, 1200 toll lanes have already supported WeChat payment scanning with over 95% of high-speed toll lanes in Jiangxi Province. Users only need to open payment code in WeChat Pay, and then scan the QR code in your phone to pass.

The Jiangxi Expressway WeChat Pay function adopts a more efficient and secure user mobile phone scanning code payment mode, and the operation process is simple and convenient. After the user enters the toll booth, the pass card is handed over to the toll collector to determine the toll amount, and open the payment code in WeChat Pay. After hearing the voice prompt, the payment code is aligned with any barcode reader, and the whole process takes only about 5 seconds to complete the payment.

The convenient WeChat Pay method shortens the user's waiting time. The single pass time is at least 20-25 seconds for cash payment. After using WeChat Pay, it can be completed within 5 seconds. For the toll collectors, WeChat pays no money, zeros, and avoids the risk of receiving counterfeit paper money.

It will improve the efficiency of highway traffic to implement WeChat scan code payment which can enhance the experience of drivers and passengers to make it easier for the public to travel and relieve the high-speed traffic pressure.

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1200 Toll Lanes Support Scan QR Code in WeChat Pay in Jiangxi Province