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LV4200 Scanner Module Widely Using in Smart Bus

May. 16, 2019

As the first special economic zone in China, Shenzhen is also the youngest city in China. Due to its unique geographical location and facing the spring breeze of reform, it has become one of the most dynamic, youngest and modern cities in China.

The application of the scanning code device is also in front of each city, and the application of the QR code device has covered the daily life of the Shenzhen citizens.

Our payment method has been paid from cash, swiping, and gradually turned into mobile phone scan code payment. For example, when we take the bus, we often use the "ride code" on the bus terminal. Scan the "drop" sound, and for example, the very hot QR code scanner application case - the subway scan code is over the gate, the inside of the machine is mostly LV4200&4500 Series of products, professional identification of bar code information displayed on the screen (payment code, bus code, etc.).

LV4200 Scanner Module Widely Using in Smart Bus

Among them, the LV4200 module is the most widely used in the public transportation field. It can easily read paper, plastic card, LCD and other printing. Bar code on media and display media, powerful performance, fully integrated design, very small space, very light weight, very convenient.

Embedded in a variety of product applications, such as self-service ordering machine, self-service payment machine, bus payment machine. Adopting the fifth generation UIMG core independently developed decoding technology, can quickly read the bar code, especially the screen code, rich interface, can provide USB & TTL 232 interface.

LV4200 Scanner Module Widely Using in Smart Bus

A variety of bar code scanner modules that Rakinda Technology can provide and easily to be embedded. As Rakinda Technology has more than 18-year manufacturing experience for bar code scanner, which already has professional research and development team. More details, pls contact us!

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