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Barcode Scanner Used in Toll-booth of the Expressway

Jun. 17, 2019

Generally, the best reading distance of barcode scanner at the toll-booth of the expressway is 25cm-80cm (field test). According to the actual scanning distance of the high-speed toll booth, RAKINDA company has specially upgraded the payment function of barcode readers. It optimizes the scanning distance, angle and lighting effect, ensuring that the reader can easily identify the different contrast, colors' bar codes of screen or printed.

Bar code payment for applications in toll-booth of the expressway.

The toll-booth of the expressway is embedded with fixed mount barcode scanner, which combines the payment system of the toll-booth of the expressway for mobile payment. The car owner only open his APP payment software of mobile phone, to produce screen bar code. And then the screen bar code be read by the barcode reader, so that it can complete the payment procedure. The payment method of this new technology has further enhanced the digitization and intelligent of transportation.

Compared with traditional cash payments, scanning the barcode of the phone's screen simplifies the payment operation process. You don't need to pay cash and settle your money. You can pay in a few seconds. Barcode scanner used in toll-booth of the expressway, it not only avoids the risk of counterfeit notes, but also reduces the queue time on the highway.

Barcode Scanner Used in Toll-booth of The Expressway