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Rakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail Business

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry, especially the innovation of the new retail industry has undergone tremendous changes, people's convenience requirements for daily consumer behavior are also getting higher and higher, and safe consumption is the focus of people's attention.From the profile below, you can have a more intuitive and clean understanding of the new retail solution.

Rakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail Business

RAKINDA incorporates multiple technologies into its new retail solution, enabling compatibility scenarios in a variety of scenarios, such as: unmanned supermarket solutions, smart shelf solutions, facial turnstil openning solutions, smart vegetable market solutions, etc. .

Rakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail BusinessRakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail Business
Rakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail BusinessRakinda As Solution Provider in New Retail Business



Our new retail solution integrates RFID UHF technology and two-dimensional code reader automatic identification technology, UHF tag management, intelligent inventory counting system, face recognition technology, NFC credit card technology, electronic price tag to achieve 

background unified price management, easy Achieving one-click price change function, the daily visitors to the RAKINDA exhibition hall are endless, especially for customers from overseas. This is a very advanced business model, worthy of promotion and appreciation, giving us a high evaluation and affirmation 


Anyway ,welcome to visit our company official website :www.scanmaxai.com to know more our other hot products with very mature technology .Rakinda as the one of grey company in IOT solution for 19 years ,which enjoys a very hig reputation in this field ,their mature and professional R&D team always can give the timely service for customers regardless of their working or no-working time ,they have the efficient factory to support their fast sales every month ,so many countries and places you can find their solution easily and always 

Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development of smart card hardware and software systems, production, sales and operations in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in city card, park area, retail businesses, parking fees, government platforms and other consumer areas. We have the key focus on management, innovation and development in the industry with more confidence in the future to have a wide range of customer base and industry reputation, to achieve bigger success 

We are always here for your any inquiry to create more possibilities together 

*20 years ' experience in New Retail solutions*


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